August 8, 2015

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This is a monthly campaign that started on 10/07/2021 and resets every 30 days. It resets on 11/06/2021

HelpWithFunds is the easiest way to get funding. All you need is an email address and a Paypal account to get started. HelpWithFunds has raised 1000s of dollars for those who need a platform and the tools to have a successful fundraiser.


After the founder of HelpWithFunds had to do a fundraiser due to an injury, he felt that the "other" sites seemed to prey on those already in need with fees upwards of 20% in some cases.

We simply offer a platform and the tools to connect directly to your PayPal account.

As we don’t take any fees from campaigns hosted at HelpWithFunds we have our own HelpWithFunds campaign to cover the costs of the server, bandwidth and person-hours involved in operating We feel this is the most transparent way to operate.

How is HelpWithFunds Different?
• We don’t charge fees.
• We don’t require offering goods, services or equity in anything you are trying to raise funds for.
• You can raise funds for anything.
• You can have a single set goal amount or you can have a campaign with an itemized list of things you are trying to raise funds for.
• Get funds as they come in. Since we don’t hold your funds until a goal or milestone is reached, you get your funds as they come in.
• Promotional Tools! Promote and share your campaign across all of the social networks!
Is it safe?

We email and phone verify all accounts. If you contribute to a campaign you do so at your own risk but PayPal has some of the tools out there to protect yourself.

Funds right now are all going to getting HelpWithFunds out of beta and open to the general public, development and server costs. Support Campaign

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Month Ending Amount Raised Goal Over/Under
10/07/2021 0.00 320.00 (-320.00)
09/07/2021 0.00 320.00 (-320.00)
08/08/2021 0.00 320.00 (-320.00)
07/09/2021 0.00 320.00 (-320.00)
06/09/2021 0.00 320.00 (-320.00)
05/10/2021 0.00 320.00 (-320.00)

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