August 8, 2015

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Help getting home

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We have ran into majors problems on our way back to Ohio. An unexpected large automatic withdrawal was taken out of our bank account leaving us in the hole. They said it could take up to five days to refund it. That was every single dime we had for our journey home. We are currently stuck in Wye, Montana at a McDonald's using the free WiFi because there isn't cell service anywhere close to our route. Any help getting myself, my brother, and Penny the pup home would be a giant blessing!

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$50.00 donated by michele on 03/17/2016

$100.00 donated by Anonymous on 03/17/2016

$25.00 donated by Tom & Deb Simmons on 03/16/2016

get home safe!! Love you girl!!!

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 03/16/2016

$25.00 donated by David on 03/16/2016

Safe travels!

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