August 8, 2015

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Healing for Shel

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We all know Shelroy as a very special dog. How many times has he brightened your evening when you've thrown a stick for him outside a show, or given him a scratch when you've seen him strolling with his human around the neighborhood? He is more than just Robin's dog, he is our friend, and right now he needs our help! After a week of illness during which he did not eat, an exploratory surgery was performed and a wine cork was removed from his upper intestine. Needless to say, this has been a traumatic and expensive week for both Robin and Shel. As beloved as this dear pup is, I believe we should all contribute what we can to his well-being in this time of crisis.

Please donate to help Shelroy heal from this life-threatening event so he can keep doing what he does best: fetch that stick, make us smile.

Here is Robin's original message:


Shelroy got sick on Saturday, May 28th. I am not sure exactly what the cause is yet, although the vet is currently leaning toward a blockage of some sort in his GI tract. He hasn’t eaten since the evening before he fell ill, which will be a week tomorrow. Today he is getting exploratory surgery to try to find any foreign body that might be in his stomach that didn’t show up on the x-rays. Total cost for care for him in the last week currently stands at $2500 for two maintenance visits for hydration and diagnostics, and his pending surgery. I don’t really know what the outcome will be today, but I wouldn’t count out further expenses to bring him back to a healthy state.

My first instinct when he got sick was that he had eaten something that was poisonous, but all the tests that have been run on him to test organ function and toxicology have not pointed to it having anything to do with that. His fur is shiny, his eyes are clear, he still wants to get in the water when I take him down to the stream (although he just stands there in it, as opposed to his usual frolicking), and he appears to have the capacity to get better if whatever is making him so sick can be found and removed. He is hydrated, but he’s weak from not having eaten and having been sick for so long.

I really hope that he can beat this, and I will do anything that I can for him to make that happen. He just turned 8 at the beginning of this month and I feel like he has a lot more good times in him. He is my right hand. I haven’t barely been apart from him all through his life. We are a team and I love him like my kid. I am sitting here on a couch and hoping this all works out somehow.


Thanks for reading! Help Shel!

Update posted on 2016-06-05

Update 6/5:

So Shel got his surgery and it was a success. The doctor found an object in his jejunum, the junction between his small and large intestine. Although it was discolored and starting to puff up from his digestive juices, the thinking is that is was half a plastic wine cork. She was able to remove it and sew him back up without incident and he is resting now at home. Just this morning he finally ate a small amount of food! Eight days without it, finally he is starting to want it again. He has an incision about six inches long in his belly and three or four layers of sutures, all the way in to his intestines. I'm sure that's not comfortable but he's being brave and has some pain management going on. His nausea seems to have mostly passed, what a nightmare that has been. Thank you to everyone who has donated and/or shared Shel's page, I am so grateful. -Robin

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$25.00 donated by Jann Selleck on 06/08/2016

Healing prayers sent💜

$100.00 donated by Mom and Tom on 06/07/2016

Next time you visit, Shelly will be able to eat my homemade dog food! M&T

$20.00 donated by Phil J Merwin on 06/07/2016

Hang in their Shelroy!

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 06/06/2016

Sweet, sweet dog!

$100.00 donated by Sophie on 06/06/2016

Love you Batboy! Feel better..

$0.00 donated by Anonymous on 06/05/2016

$50.00 donated by Ayse Turkseven on 06/05/2016

Love you Robin. And your dog is really ugly ♡

$20.00 donated by Kenneth Parker on 06/05/2016

Shel is our spirit. I love you both.

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 06/05/2016

$40.00 donated by Kel Kel on 06/05/2016

No more bbq's. Love you Shel!

$20.00 donated by Nathan Kelley on 06/05/2016

Positive thoughts your way! Shel/Robyn are da bess

$15.00 donated by Anonymous on 06/04/2016

$100.00 donated by John and Candy Hole on 06/04/2016

Hoping for a fast recovery for Shelroy!

$30.00 donated by Holly Ellingson on 06/04/2016

Heal that doggy!

$50.00 donated by Sarah Beaulieu on 06/04/2016

Get betta SHELROY

$20.00 donated by Christine on 06/04/2016

Love you Shel!

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