August 8, 2015

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Help Sarah Get Her Car Repaired

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I am in need of help with auto repairs. I own a 1998 Oldsmobile that is in need a new water pump and some small, miscellaneous parts surrounding it. My car is used to drive myself and my partner to our daily photo/video jobs. I also give my kids rides to work several times a week. We live in Springfield, but my studio is in Dayton so I commute daily. In addition to that, I do weekly volunteer work at Life Enrichment Center, where my studio is located. It has been hard to maintain steady income the past few months but gratefully, we (my partner, my kids and I) have been able to pay the rent, electric, and other bills each month. Even though I am behind, we somehow manage to take care of ourselves and keep the lights on. The problem is that there is nothing left over for car repairs. My mechanic has estimated my repairs to be 200-400. I'm asking for 400 in donations. Any excess will go towards an oil change and maybe a couple of new tires. I'm more than willing to work for this and I am happy to trade my photography/videography services. Please consider helping my family and thank you in advance!
Sarah Bennett

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