August 8, 2015

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Jane The Cat Hospice Costs

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When Jane the Cat was adopted by her current family, she was very ill and losing a battle with a skin condition which caused her to erupt in open sores all over her body. She recovered from that ordeal, but has lived the last five years with illness as a constant companion, requiring continual care from her human companions. Jane is much loved and considered a family member, so this was of course provided with no reservations. It was recently discovered that Jane has a large tumor in her stomach, which is displacing multiple organs. She’s also suffering from organ malfunctions. She will not survive this bout of illness, unfortunately, but her family is determined to make her last days comfortable. The vet bills required for diagnosis and comfort have proven unmanageable, however. Any community support for Jane’s hospice care costs would be greatly appreciated so that she may spend her remaining time in comfort and with the care that she needs.

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Sweet Jane

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