August 8, 2015

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help get a headstone for greaving family

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Help this family their mum passed away age 87 with no insurance..they managed to pay but going into dept to pay for a small service but do not have funds for a head stone.

This lady was 87 and went through the war and survived, lost her husband 30 years ago and was on her own since then. Her family would love a head stone where they can visit their beautiful mother..thank you for reading and any help.

Update posted on 2017-09-20

Please help as now desperate dont even no if this page is being red so if no one minds letting me no..thank you and god bless

Update posted on 2017-09-15

Please help as realy need all the help we can get even £1 will help thank you and god bless

Update posted on 2017-09-09

Dont no if we will raise anything i do hope so it will help restore my faith in humanity and show me thay are still some good people in the world...and trying to help others...i only hope between us we can get this head her disabled daughter and young grand children have a place to visit. So lets did in our pokets and even donate £1 i have been told buy a very kind person what ever is raised they will match hopefully they will be some left over that can be donated to others that need it....thank you for reading and god bless you all

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