August 8, 2015

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This is a monthly campaign that started on 09/29/2017 and resets every 30 days. It resets on 10/29/2017

U7 Radio provides 3 streams of 24/7 radio through the internet. Our most popular stream is the Very Best of Art Bell stream. U7 Radio is 100% listener supported and operates with the community at heart. U7 Radio is now over 7 years old and can be heard on the website,, several mobile apps. In 2015 U7 Radio released our own mobile app which is available on the Google play store.

Funds go to costs of the servers and bandwidth that provide the 3 streams of programming.

Campaign History For Support U7 Radio

Month Ending Amount Raised Goal Over/Under
09/29/2017 100.00 165.00 (-65.00)
08/30/2017 187.00 165.00 22.00
07/30/2017 62.00 165.00 (-103.00)

Recent Contributors

$10.00 donated by Owen on 10/08/2017

$10.00 donated by Anonymous on 10/05/2017

Keep Art Bell coming!

$25.00 donated by Rob Devlin on 09/29/2017

Thank you for U7 radio

$5.00 donated by Gregg Schuller on 09/29/2017

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