August 8, 2015

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Help Wakara Through College

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On June 8th Wakara graduated high school! I am doing a fundraiser to help Wakara afford her first few years of college and as a young adult. Wakara is very passionate and dedicated to her education. I wish for her to enjoy this time without having to stress to much about money so she can focus on school. She needs help affording rent, a car, a computer, school fees, supplies, books and so forth. Wakara is a hard working young woman who teaches art to children through the Parks and Recreation Program. She is an exceptionally talented artist who has recieved much recognition over the past year. She has been featured in the newspaper, an art magazine, had her art featured on posters and calendars. She is an incredibly talented musician who writes songs on the piano and the guitar. She is a beauty to behold when she performs on the dance team. Wakara will be attending LCC for the first few years with a focus on fine arts and education. She will also be studying to become a certified Yoga Instructor. (She is already and amazing yoga teacher at her young age!)

To all our dear friends and family thank you for your support and love!

Wakara On Her Art:

Art has been essential to me throughout my life. As an only child, I spent much time alone
drawing, writing, reading, dancing, and making music. All of these things were an outlet to express
what I was going through, and deal with boredom. Now, they feel like an extension of who I am. I
really fell in love with painting last year, and put my focus into that. A major goal for me as an artist is
to find ways to combine these different mediums. I believe they all inspire and compliment one
I find inspiration wherever I can; in the world around me, people in my life, and internally.
Some of my biggest inspirations have been family members. I come from a family of artists; my
mom, grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles. My grandpa was a painter and sculptor who felt at the
height of career and creativity until the day he passed. I have been holding his words and advice on
art with me, and his endless inspiration to create.
My goal with my art is to express my truths and push boundaries. I find myself most drawn to
artists with the courage to express vulnerability in their art. I strive to do the same, although it’s
scary. In my art I try to show a full range of emotion and experience from piece to piece; beauty,
insecurity, vulnerability, growth, pain, and joy. I want my art to evoke feelings good and bad, to show
the complications and absurdities of existence, and to remind that we’re all in this together.
With my art, I often go into the process with a particular vision, and let that go. The end
product always turns out completely different than imagined, and that’s a part of creating that I love.
Paintings often unfold in front of me in pleasant ways. I embrace spontaneity, mistakes, mess, and
distorting reality in my art. My art is primarily acrylic paintings at the moment, but I plan to
experiment as much as I can. My next ventures are bigger paintings, oil paintings, and using
recycled material to create sculpture

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