December 7, 2015

Campaign Contributions

Contributors to Healing for Shel

$25.00 donated by Jann Selleck on 06/08/2016

Healing prayers sent💜

$100.00 donated by Mom and Tom on 06/07/2016

Next time you visit, Shelly will be able to eat my homemade dog food! M&T

$20.00 donated by Phil J Merwin on 06/07/2016

Hang in their Shelroy!

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 06/06/2016

Sweet, sweet dog!

$100.00 donated by Sophie on 06/06/2016

Love you Batboy! Feel better..

$0.00 donated by Anonymous on 06/05/2016

$50.00 donated by Ayse Turkseven on 06/05/2016

Love you Robin. And your dog is really ugly ♡

$20.00 donated by Kenneth Parker on 06/05/2016

Shel is our spirit. I love you both.

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 06/05/2016

$40.00 donated by Kel Kel on 06/05/2016

No more bbq's. Love you Shel!

$20.00 donated by Nathan Kelley on 06/05/2016

Positive thoughts your way! Shel/Robyn are da bess

$15.00 donated by Anonymous on 06/04/2016

$100.00 donated by John and Candy Hole on 06/04/2016

Hoping for a fast recovery for Shelroy!

$30.00 donated by Holly Ellingson on 06/04/2016

Heal that doggy!

$50.00 donated by Sarah Beaulieu on 06/04/2016

Get betta SHELROY

$20.00 donated by Christine on 06/04/2016

Love you Shel!

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