December 7, 2015

Campaign Contributions

Contributors to Help Sophie

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 01/03/2016

$50.00 donated by Ryon on 12/25/2015

Hello Sophie I remember meeting you through Evan Tracy a looong time ago out at the burningmanz. Sorry to hear of your troubles with this illness! I hope you can somehow have a decent Christmas today. Here's just a little something to help toward your funding goal. Best of luck to you!

$40.00 donated by Maura Bahm on 12/25/2015

$100.00 donated by Trey Davis on 12/24/2015

Good Luck Sophie

$50.00 donated by otis on 12/21/2015

Love. Be well Sophie

$200.00 donated by Zoe on 12/16/2015

Sending you some love!! Xoxo

$50.00 donated by James Lewis on 12/13/2015

Sending my love ❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼✨✨✨

$25.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/13/2015

$50.00 donated by joy on 12/11/2015

love you sophie!

$20.00 donated by K80 on 12/11/2015

Sophie you are such an amazing sweet friend! Please heal quickly the world needs you! Xoxo

$25.00 donated by Jenn Gay Messer on 12/10/2015

Hope this helps some.. Keep us posted on your recovery Sophie! ❤️

$40.00 donated by raven and Jesse on 12/10/2015

bless you sweet Mama

$100.00 donated by Steve Brady on 12/10/2015

$300.00 donated by Kiowa on 12/09/2015

$20.00 donated by Kaili on 12/09/2015

Love you girl!

$20.00 donated by Tulsi Wallace on 12/09/2015

Sending well wishes and a quick recovery.

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/09/2015

$100.00 donated by Miel on 12/09/2015

Te mando amor y deseos de salud que abarca la distancia ❤️

$100.00 donated by Suz& Björn on 12/09/2015

thinking of you, heal without complication, love to you and wakara

$20.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/09/2015

Wishing for the best!

$20.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/08/2015

Much love and light Speedy Recovery dear!

$360.00 donated by Gail on 12/08/2015

Sophie, you are one of the most dear friends of Erin whom I have been privileged to meet. I hope that this donation helps both you and Wakara. You are on a beautiful hill up, above, and off this very rough road. Many hugs and much love to you both. Gail

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/08/2015

Sophie, please take encouragement from all those who pray for your health. Sending love!

$10.00 donated by Ocean on 12/08/2015

Best of luck

$100.00 donated by Danielle Brodsky on 12/08/2015

$50.00 donated by Miles on 12/08/2015

Wishing you a quick road back to perfect health.

$15.00 donated by Bruce Hartnell on 12/08/2015

Just gotta cut back on my own drinking a bit more.....

$300.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/08/2015

We we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers- Rest well and focus on getting better.

$20.00 donated by Uta on 12/08/2015

I wish you a quick recovery Sophie. You and Wakara are in my heart.

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/08/2015

I hope this helps.

$100.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/08/2015

Sometimes I have to think horrible things happen just to make an autobiography a more interesting read. Heal quickly my friend. I'm sorry you're going through this.

$50.00 donated by Eddie Brnabic on 12/08/2015

$50.00 donated by Kenneth Parker on 12/08/2015

We love you, Sophie, and our hearts are reaching out to soothe yours. Hope this helps!

$20.00 donated by alyssa k on 12/08/2015

$10.00 donated by another single mom on 12/08/2015

I wish I could help more. I hope you have a speedy recovery and can enjoy the holidays with your family.

$25.00 donated by Micki on 12/07/2015

$50.00 donated by Sleeve on 12/07/2015

wishing you a quick recovery

$25.00 donated by shoethiefa on 12/07/2015

$20.00 donated by Amber on 12/07/2015

I love you so much and am soglad you are okay! Heal quickly my friend.

$50.00 donated by Mupa on 12/07/2015

It's not much but I want to help!! I love you and miss you!!!

$50.00 donated by Psyrup on 12/07/2015

$25.00 donated by jay on 12/07/2015


$26.00 donated by tom rothery on 12/07/2015

Lot of love all over this page. Healing thoughts to you dear Sophie.

$10.00 donated by Bruce Hartnell on 12/07/2015

I'll be buying you a beer and a shot a day until you're done with this, Sophie.

$15.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

You've got this, babe. We've got you, too.

$50.00 donated by Paul Schreer on 12/07/2015

Sending positive energy for you speedy recovery. Bless you and your daughter:

$30.00 donated by Johanna Laemle on 12/07/2015

Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

$100.00 donated by Anony mouse. on 12/07/2015

You have to realize, even though you are going through some serious shit, it is the most "metal as fuck" thing I've ever heard of.

$25.00 donated by rebeka on 12/07/2015

$100.00 donated by Jason Wells on 12/07/2015

We are with you and thinking of you, Always, our Best, Jay.

$75.00 donated by Carmen Lech on 12/07/2015

$25.00 donated by Cressida King on 12/07/2015

$500.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

$50.00 donated by Mae Kinglove on 12/07/2015

<3 I wish I could do more than send $! Please feel free to reach out....

$40.00 donated by Kris Maenz on 12/07/2015

sending you healing thoughts and wishes

$100.00 donated by Mystic fables on 12/07/2015

I wish you a speedy recovery!!! Good luck! I'm sorry this has happened.

$200.00 donated by Wick Sakit on 12/07/2015

Why not :) <3

$50.00 donated by Amber Darkwood on 12/07/2015

Dear Sophie... you will be in my thoughts. I hope you can raise as much as you need to get through this time... <3

$40.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

$100.00 donated by Virginia Sands on 12/07/2015

Sophie, I am glad to hear you are home from the hospital and on the road to recovery!

$25.00 donated by Ian seabock on 12/07/2015

Best of luck :)

$100.00 donated by Jim and Julie Rusby on 12/07/2015

$20.00 donated by Gail Karuna-Vetter on 12/07/2015

I'm sorry this isn't much of a donation, but if each of us gives a little bit, it will add up to a lot in the long run. Sending you love and healing energies. <3

$50.00 donated by Michele Walter on 12/07/2015

Oh, Sophie!!! I am so sorry you are going through this. Get well soon!!! xo

$50.00 donated by Sean R. on 12/07/2015

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

Stay strong sister

$25.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

$100.00 donated by carolyn bardos on 12/07/2015

$20.00 donated by Michael on 12/07/2015

best of luck

$100.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

Also sending healing prayers and energy...

$25.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

$50.00 donated by Julianne on 12/07/2015

Love you Sophie-la!

$20.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/07/2015

$150.00 donated by Heather on 12/06/2015

$40.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/06/2015

$100.00 donated by Nathan Cox on 12/06/2015

I want you help you and the Union wants to help you Sofie. I am putting this out there and we are going to get you some donations.

$40.00 donated by Petunia on 12/06/2015

$100.00 donated by Barrett on 12/06/2015

$20.00 donated by Mark Leahey on 12/06/2015

Get well soon.

$75.00 donated by Kevin Mergel on 12/06/2015

what a horrible surprise! I'm sure glad you're back home again! <3

$50.00 donated by Lauren Schafer on 12/06/2015

$50.00 donated by claire & josh on 12/06/2015

Hoping you can heal quickly and with as little pain and discomfort as possible. Let us know what else you need! xo

$20.00 donated by Michael Hays on 12/06/2015

$25.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/06/2015

$50.00 donated by Cevin and Ariana White on 12/06/2015

Heal fast and well Sophie!

$75.00 donated by Garry Kirks on 12/06/2015

Sorry to hear of this. Life is strange. It's been ages since I've seen you. Maybe since a conversation about knives at a thanksgiving at the cat coop in Austin. Hope life makes you better Garry

$30.00 donated by eric m on 12/06/2015

Wish I had more, get better soon...

$100.00 donated by Bethany Darnell on 12/06/2015

Get well soon Sophie ♡

$50.00 donated by Naja Rossoff on 12/06/2015

Wishing you a quick recovery. Come dangle with me as soon as you can. I miss your sweet face!

$20.00 donated by Renee Davis on 12/06/2015

Best wishes for your speediest recovery.

$100.00 donated by jon schainker on 12/06/2015

$100.00 donated by Sam and Julia Hahn on 12/06/2015

So crappy that such a lovely person should deal with such things! Get better soon!

$50.00 donated by Andhi on 12/06/2015

$50.00 donated by Ivan DelSol on 12/06/2015

What a bullshit disease. Punch it in the mouth.

$24.00 donated by Hazel Twiggs on 12/06/2015

I love you, Sophie.

$60.00 donated by Roxanne on 12/06/2015

love you so much Sophie. sending you getting better thoughts.

$111.00 donated by Lisa on 12/06/2015

Wish I was there with yah ❤

$75.00 donated by Chrysalis Parker on 12/06/2015

$100.00 donated by Erin McNamara on 12/06/2015

Sophie, I wish I could be there to help out and make you food! This will do for now. I will be sure to check in when I come to Eugene. Speedy recovery!

$300.00 donated by Wick Sakit on 12/06/2015

Please heal fast!

$100.00 donated by Star Wrey & Victor St. Petersburg on 12/06/2015

Dearest Sophie, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers for a fast recovery. We love you lady!! Be well <3

$100.00 donated by Maya Havener on 12/06/2015

Oh have always been a bright star rising out of the ashes of the past. Let this be the shedding of the past and everything that has ever held you back from being the superstar you are. Get better, get well and heal quickly my friend.

$100.00 donated by Doug Wilson on 12/06/2015

Heal well, love you

$25.00 donated by Laurie Swatkowski on 12/06/2015

Deepest wishes for a quick, and as painless as possible, recovery.

$100.00 donated by David Paul & Brenda on 12/06/2015

$50.00 donated by Allison Donald Grahovec on 12/06/2015

Hope you feel better sweet girl! Stay strong and best wishes!

$40.00 donated by Gayatri on 12/06/2015

OMG! My heart wants to donate $5000 but this is what I can afford. I love you Sophie. Though I have not seen you in a while, my heart is always with you, routing for your full recovery. I do hope you are getting adequate nutrition for wound healing as your body needs more protein and calories during this time. If you are watching over sophie, please look into this or consult with a Registered Dietitian if possible. ~Lot's of love~

$100.00 donated by aaron winett on 12/06/2015

$40.00 donated by Kristen and Slim on 12/06/2015

Get well Sophie! Clown love xoxo

$200.00 donated by Bruce Hartnell on 12/06/2015

I love you Sophie! Please get better soon!

$50.00 donated by Erik Moggridge on 12/06/2015

$25.00 donated by Vanessa Salvia on 12/06/2015

Dear Sophie! I hope this helps you get through this hard time. Wishing you the best. Love, Vanessa

$50.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/06/2015

$100.00 donated by Christine on 12/06/2015

Let's rally and help our dear Sophie get back on her feet after this crazy life event!

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