How Do Monthly Recurring Campaigns Work?

Monthly recurring campaigns are campaigns that reset themselves every month.  Monthly recurring campaigns offer the contributor options for a one time donation or to “subscribe” or offer recurring payments that are automatically sent to your paypal every month.  Some examples of where these sorts of campaigns would be used include:

Funding Game Servers, Funding ongoing monthly projects that have recurring expenses (utilities, etc), Ongoing community services.

Monthly recurring campaigns request a set goal each month, and the campaign automatically resets back to 0.00 raised 30 days after launch and every 30 days after that.

Monthly campaigns will publicly display the data for the last 6 months which include month ending, goal, raised, how much over/under.

Monthly campaigns will continue until they are disabled or deleted.

If you would like to see an example of a monthly recurring campaign, take a look at U7 Radio’s Campaign.

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