August 29, 2015


Healing for Shel

Update posted on 2016-06-05

Update 6/5:

So Shel got his surgery and it was a success. The doctor found an object in his jejunum, the junction between his small and large intestine. Although it was discolored and starting to puff up from his digestive juices, the thinking is that is was half a plastic wine cork. She was able to remove it and sew him back up without incident and he is resting now at home. Just this morning he finally ate a small amount of food! Eight days without it, finally he is starting to want it again. He has an incision about six inches long in his belly and three or four layers of sutures, all the way in to his intestines. I'm sure that's not comfortable but he's being brave and has some pain management going on. His nausea seems to have mostly passed, what a nightmare that has been. Thank you to everyone who has donated and/or shared Shel's page, I am so grateful. -Robin

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